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What to Expect In Counseling Sessions

My Counseling Philosophy

I believe that every individual has value and purpose. My desire is for you to understand and embrace the beauty of your existence. You are enough just as you are. As your counselor, I will combine a caring heart with professional training to assist you with your concerns. The modality I use will depend on your individual needs. I work primarily from the Cognitive-Behavioral theoretical framework. In simple terms, I believe that our thoughts influence our behavior. And although we may not always control what happens to us in life, we can control how we  choose to respond. When we have a healthy perspective, our mental and emotional well-being become balanced. I also believe that relationships (including our therapeutic relationship) can heal. Healing relationships are as unique as the number of individuals in this world. Therefore, no two individuals will have the exact same therapeutic process. Your sessions may include a look back to gain insight and understanding. However, the goal is not to dwell on the past, but use it as a reference for moving forward. 


Although I am trained in counseling modalities, my philosophy of helping is one of collaboration. You are the expert in your life. I will work to understand your lifestyle and set therapeutic goals accordingly. At times, I may ask you to complete therapeutic assignments between sessions. Assignments can include recording your daily thoughts in a journal, reading material that is relevant to your goals, and potentially other activities that might benefit your healing. At times, I may challenge you to look deeper into an issue. My motives are for you to gain greater awareness of yourself which can translate to further healing.


Counseling sessions can stir up a myriad of emotions – some of which are difficult and painful. Many times, the journey is not easy and can get worse before it gets better. The process of change is challenging and may cause disruptions in your life. I will seek to work through this difficult process at your pace. 

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Length of Sessions

Each counseling session is 50-55 minutes in length. I will schedule our sessions to accommodate both of our schedules - within reason. Due to the unique needs of each client, the duration of counseling can vary from one individual to another. Your personal goals will determine the length of our counseling relationship. You may terminate at any time. However, I strongly suggest that we have a final session to establish closure (and next steps) from our work together.

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